Homo Button

The hand-punched Homo Button from the Retrograph reclaims a word historically used against the LGBTQ+ community



Words only possess the power we give them. Let’s reclaim our language and reclaim our power. The hand-punched Homo Button features a slur historically used against the LGBTQ+ community. It’s time to wear these labels with pride and take charge of the discourse.

Each button measures approximately 1″ across with a secure pin back (about the size of a quarter). We color print the artwork then seal it under a clear plastic button cover for long-lasting wear. Each button is hand-printed and hand-punched, so some buttons may be a bit off center or the color and density may vary from piece to piece. It’s just part of the charm of hand-created buttons.


The term homo has the clearest of etymological origins. In 1868, Karl-Maria Kertbeny coined the term homosexual, combining the Greek prefix homo (“same”) and the Latin root sex. Over time the word was shortened (as much slang is) to simply homo, referring primarily to gay men.

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